XTL has over 25 years experience with the Alcohol Beverage Industry. We also have the capability to build and operate Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). We would like to schedule a meeting with you and or your team to discuss our expertise in the warehousing and distribution of wine and spirits. We would also like to talk to you about potential benefits of automating your warehousing. We realize that you may not have any need for our services at this time, should you have a need for our services now or into the future, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to XTL.

Here is a snapshot of what XTL has to offer:

  • XTL is a true asset-based 3PL Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics Company.
  • XTL has over 25 years experience with the Alcohol Beverage Industry.
  • XTL has relationships with Alcohol producers, suppliers, and importers throughout the world.
  • XTL provides value-added full service distribution which includes order processing and fulfillment, bulk packaging, repacking, custom labeling, case and bottle picking, inventory rotation, merchandise inspection, local drayage, delivery, etc., in a 24 hours, 7 days a week operation.
  • XTL designs, builds, and operates robotic warehouses in the US.
  • XTL warehouses are fully Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with 6-sigma standards.
  • XTL AS/RS warehouses allow for high velocity throughput.
  • XTL AS/RS warehouses provide order fulfillment 24/7-365.
  • XTL AS/RS warehouses provide long-term cost containment.
  • XTL AS/RS warehousing will curtail your distribution cost, increase your service levels and raise the competitiveness of your Company.
  • XTL asks for ZERO ($0.00) CAPITAL INVESTMENT from our clients.

We currently handle the distribution and warehousing for the State of Pennsylvania.

XTL is not trying to sell you anything that you do not want or need; we simply would like an opportunity to look at a possible fit between your needs and the value added services that XTL "brings to the table".

This is a wonderful opportunity in today's economic environment: as a committed supply-chain partner, XTL will invest 100% of the necessary capital to insure the success of any project.

We at XTL, are very interested in meeting with you and will make ourselves available to demonstrate our experience and capabilities should you wish to meet.

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