XTL, Inc. is a leading customized logistics solutions provider that provides state-of-the-art robotic warehousing and inventory control of commodities and finished goods. XTL, Inc. utilizes the vast experiences of its management team to analyze a problem and determine the most cost efficient way to store, handle, and ship products. XTL, Inc. provides its customers with end-to-end logistics and transportation supply chain solutions that will increase service levels and provide its customers with a competitive edge over the competition. XTL, Inc.’s solutions provide its customers with the long-term cost containment needed for growth.

XTL, Inc. continues to expand its business operations by focusing its services at Ports throughout the United States. XTL currently owns property at the Ports of Houston, Philadelphia, Newark NJ/New York and to accommodate the Port of Boston, XTL owns property in Merrimack, NH.

XTL, Inc. has more than 35 years of expertise in the supply chain and logistics industry.

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